Nagasaki, Nhật Bản
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The locals know it to be one of the most beautiful places in the country, with an offering of cultural insights owing to its many festivals and parades.

Don`t Miss
Peace Park (Hirano-Machi) is located north of Nagasaki Station, and serves as a reminder of that day of destruction. A large statue stands as its centrepiece with the left hand outstretched to remind us of the devastation caused and the right hand pointing skyward to serve as a warning that the bomb was dropped from a plane. A peace demonstration is held in Peace Park every year on the anniversary of the bombing. The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum can also be found here.

During the summer months, you can catch the Peiron (dragon boat) races. These exciting boat races with teams of rowers in long shells are held throughout Asia. This is the Japanese version, which was introduced by Chinese residents in the mid-17th century.

Local Flavours
Nagasaki`s most famous food is called shippoku. It`s generally shared by a group of four or more people and includes such dishes as fish soup, sashimi, and fried, boiled, and seasonal delicacies of meat and fish. Another Nagasaki specialty is champon, a thick Chinese noodle usually served in soup with meat, seafood, and vegetables. Champon is made by frying pork, seafood and vegetables with lard; a soup taken from chicken and pig bones is added. A ramen noodle made especially for champon is added and then boiled. Unlike other ramen dishes, only one wok is needed as the noodle is boiled in the soup.

Shopping for Bargains
There are great places to shop along the busy Hamano-machi shopping arcade. For Japanese visitors, the present they always bring back is katsutera (a Portuguese-influenced sponge cake).

Japan`s currency is the Japanese Yen.