Perth (Fremantle), Úc
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Perth, the capital of the state of Western Australia, is the fastest growing major city in Australia, with a population of over 1.5 million people. Situated alongside the tranquil waters of the Swan River (named for the indigenous population of Black Swans), much of Perth`s growth and vitality is due to its proximity to surrounding natural resources.

Don`t Miss
With so many attractions to offer its visitors, it`s difficult to single out just one - so here are a few suggestions - each well worth a visit. One of the must-see destinations in Perth is the magnificent King`s Park - a dazzling blend of virgin bush land and manicured gardens. It has the added benefit of offering the most spectacular view of Perth`s skyline. Perth Zoo features a wide array of animals from around the world and is a local favorite. And a trip to the Perth Mint, the world`s oldest mint still operating from its original premises is an entertaining and educational side trip.

Sporting Adventures
With its Swan River location and easy access to the Indian Ocean, the emphasis is naturally on water sports. From snorkeling to scuba diving, canoeing to sea kayaking, sport fishing to sailing, boating and more, if the activity is on or under the water, you`ll find it in Perth.

Shopping for Bargains

Given its proximity to gold and diamond mines and west coast pearl farms, it`s no surprise that Perth is a shopping mecca for fine jewelry, including Perth Mint gold, Argyle diamonds and world-famous cultured Broome pearls. If you`re looking for some international designer fashions to go along with your jewelry, you`ll find a number of upscale shops on King Street. And no shopping trip in Perth would be complete without a visit to Subiaco (or "Subi" as the locals call it). Located at the intersection of Hay Street and Rokeby Road, this collection of smart shops, boutiques, cafes, art and antique galleries and small markets is a shopper`s delight.

Local Flavours
Due to its excellent variety of upscale restaurants and diverse array of inexpensive ethnic eateries, many claim that Perth`s restaurant scene actually rivals the sophisticated dining options of Sydney and Melbourne. You`ll find a great selection of Mediterranean restaurants, especially Italian and Greek, as well as an abundance of Indonesian and Vietnamese eateries. And with its riverfront location just a few miles from the Indian Ocean, fresh fish is a delicious and affordable menu item almost everywhere.

The local currency used in Perth is the Australian dollar (AUD). Credit cards are widely accepted. And you can use your ATM card at banks around the country as long as your card is connected to the international banking network. Travellers cheques are also accepted.